Sunday, October 19, 2014

Right wings

Relocating to a new country is like a flood. And by flood I mean that moving one's life is a watershed,  an experience that divides and ensures the generation of many lists to prepare oneself for the experience of the Big Shift. Setting out, you might ask yourself how to prepare for the change, the cultural differences, the uncertainties disrupting all you once knew to be normal, comforting; reliant? The answer to this and many other surprises is to seek resilience. And to fly as straight and as far from uncertainty as you can.

However, the poet's task is to embrace hesitancy, to fold into the mirage and fall out of the void convincingly, sweetly; what I mean is to want for illumination, opening, the thick of the forest, the depth of the stratum, is to be in a relationship with estrangement and knowing at once.

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